Fight Inequality Alliance UK: our vision

Who we are

We are a growing collective of UK-based non-profit organisations, civil society organisations, trade unions, social movements, activists and artists who have come together to fight the growing crisis of inequality in the UK and across the planet. We are an inclusive movement, working collaboratively beyond organisations and labels in order to build collective power against global systems of oppression.

What unites us is our anger about rampant social and economic injustices, and our determination and commitment to building a world that values dignity, fairness, equality, respect and freedom.

We are committed to tackling inequality because we know that a more equal society would benefit the whole of humanity. Inequality hurts us all; threatening our democracy, corroding our politics, destroying our planet, restricting our human rights, and undermining our economies. Inequality causes mental health problems and loneliness to rise, fuels crime and violent conflict and has led to an incredible concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, while millions go hungry.

What we stand for

We stand together to reject the economic systems that allow rich elites and large multinational corporations to pursue profit and power, by destroying the climate and trampling on the rights of ordinary people – in particular, low-income people, disabled people, women, workers, ethnic minorities, and migrants. We stand together to build a world of greater equality – where all people’s rights are respected and fulfilled, a world of shared prosperity, opportunity and dignity, living within the planet’s boundaries. We stand together in solidarity with people everywhere to demand a new economic model that realigns economic benefits in the interests of people, peace and democracy. We stand together to build the collective power of people to hold governments accountable to do what is needed to create a better world where all can flourish.

In order to achieve the more equal, fairer and sustainable UK and world that we all need, we are fighting for:

  • the introduction of economic alternatives to the current market fundamentalism, that put people and planet first;
  • an end to the ideology that demands cuts in public spending, deregulation, privatisation of essential services, tax breaks for the wealthy, and a race to the bottom on environmental standards and human rights – both at home and in the UK’s role internationally;
  • progressive tax systems that put the brakes on runaway inequality, by increasing or creating a tax on wealth, capital and profits of the richest companies and individuals, and ensure that companies and individuals pay their fair share of taxes;
  • a strong, responsible state which, once again, takes seriously its responsibility to provide equal and fair access to high-quality, publicly-funded services such as education and healthcare for everyone, and that ensures an adequate standard of living for families and individuals when they are unable to support themselves;
  • equal access to affordable, safe, stable and decent homes;
  • decent work and real living wages for all, respect for the hard-fought rights of workers, an end to today’s grotesque levels of corporate profit, executive pay and rewards, and the imposition of systems of corporate accountability that prevent the abuse of power;
  • policies and strategies that actively seek to address and prevent poverty in all its forms – in the fifth richest country in the world, no child should have to go hungry;
  • an end to discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, race, ethnicity, disability, caste, class, age, nationality, refugee status, marital status, pregnancy and maternity or otherwise;
  • urgent climate action to halt biodiversity loss, curb the influence of the fossil fuel industry, invest in sustainable alternatives and reduce the consumption of the richest to ensure that resources are shared equitably;
  • government action in delivering on its international and domestic commitments, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and international human rights law.

We cannot and we will not stand by and see our world destroyed by a rich elite. We will build a world that addresses the needs of all, and to do this it must stop delivering for the greed of a few.