Author talks

Professors Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett are available to give talks about The Inner Level and inequality to interested audiences in the UK and across the world. They are particularly keen to spread the word to as many people as possible and so will prioritise larger audiences, ideally of 100 people or more.

They do not charge speaker fees but do ask that standard class travel (and accommodation costs if needed) are covered. They also invite donations to be made to The Equality Trust which we will be happy to discuss with you. Richard and Kate are based in York and the time and distance involved in travel to an event are factors to be considered when making the donation.

Ideally, they would prefer to do events during the working week but weekend bookings are possible and, again, are a factor to be considered when making the donation.

If you wish to book a talk, please email us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to make arrangements. Thank you for your support in the fight against inequality. It is not inevitable. We can build a better world where all can flourish.