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Manifesto for a Fairer Society (National Manifesto)

We are delighted to present our new National Manifesto which is an ​updated version of the well-received manifesto that we published before the 2019 General Election. ​It contains practical, achievable policies and we urge people to lobby their MPs to advocate for these policies. 

The best – and most enjoyable – way to take action to tackle inequality is to join or form a local equality group where you live. Our affiliated local groups do great work tackling inequality across the UK and you can join them. Please get in contact us to get involved if you want to discuss this further. We can support you all the way in setting up a local campaigning group.

We are very keen to get your feedback on this manifesto and also very interested to hear what your MP thinks about it. The more information we can obtain, the better we can understand what people and policy-makers think about inequality, the policies to address it and where the barriers to progress might be. 

Thank you for your continued support. Inequality is NOT inevitable. Together we can fix it.