Crazy Town Podcast- Tackling Inequality, One Pair of Lederhosen at a Time

This week The Crazy Town podcast from the Post Carbon Institute features special guest Chuck Collins to discuss (in)equality. Titled Tackling Inequality, One Pair of Lederhosen at a Time, the podcast is an exploration of Chuck’s journey from undercover trust fund kid to tireless campaigner for economic equality. In the episode the work of The Equality Trust co-founders and Trustees Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson is discussed. Referencing their work in the Spirit Level and Inner Level Chuck says:

“Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson write about how it’s bad for your health to live in society with high level of inequality. It’s even bad for your health if you are wealthy to live in a society with extreme inequalities of income and wealth. Their newest book the Inner Level argues it’s bad for our sense of wellbeing. These inequalities contaminate and undermine all the things we care about.”

The podcast is a brilliant listen highlighting key issues from ecology to the wealth of the 1% to placed based ways of combating inequality.

For the full podcast and more from The Crazy Town podcast click here.