Stories for Change

Stories for Change has been an opportunity for people to share their lived experiences of structural inequalities in a language and format which encourages more people to discuss the issues described in these stories. Our hope is that people will resonate with these experiences and better understand structural inequalities as the multiple systems, policies and decisions which are taken every day which impact people’s lives.

You can watch the full videos on YouTube here.

This project is part of the Structural Inequalities Alliance. Thanks to the Postcode Society Trust for funding this work.

Robyn talks about her experiences of navigating the benefit system as an employed parent.
Mya shares her experience of the legal system as a climate justice activist.
Amanda shares her experience of the care system as a parent carer.
Amos shares his experience of inclusion and representation as a disabled person.
Chris shares her experience of the immigration system as the spouse of an immigrant.
Esmerelda shares her experiences of finding accomodation from a travelling community.
Izza shares her experience of the care system as a young care leaver.
Cinderella story talks about her experiences of access to health care.
Nicola shares her experience of soft and hard infrastucture and it’s impacts on life.
Hayley shares her experience of the welfare system.
Zennor shares her experience of the welfare system.
Clinton shares his experience of education and employment as a neurodiverse man.
Mark shares his experience of the impact of economic desicions in rural communities.
Iain shares his experience of social mobility as a resident from a coastal town.
Ada (Ah-da) shares her experience of welfare support as a survivor of domestic abuse.
Askia shares his experience of representation and access in the legal system.
Phoebe shares her experience of self employment in the arts as a working class practitioner.
Juliyah shares her experience of equity, equality, diversity and inclusion in health and beyond.