A Fairer, Stronger Economy: Anticipating the General Election 2015

Building a Fairer and Stronger Economy means recognising the contribution of everyone to economic success. This means rebuilding the link between hard work and reward, and opening opportunity to everyone, not just the wealthy. A fairer economy is not only better for long-term prosperity, it is fundamental for a healthy and cohesive society, and is supported by a large majority of the public.

We propose that:
• Parties seeking to form the next government should include in their manifesto an explicit  goal that the net impact of their policies will be to reduce the gap between the richest and  the rest.
• Parties should produce an estimate of the net impact of their manifesto policies on UK inequality.
• Parties should commit to commissioning an Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) estimate of the net impact of their annual budgets on UK inequality.

This report makes the case for an economy and society built upon Fairer and Stronger Businesses, a Fair Chance for everyone, Fair Pay, and Fair Tax