Local Groups – in their own words

We have always believed that to reduce economic inequality, a social movement demanding change is necessary. Local groups play an absolutely vital role in making that movement a reality. In their own words, here’s why some of our excellent local group members got involved:
“This work is an opportunity to preserve what is best about the world and help shape it for my grandchildren… Involvement with The Equality Trust and helping to run the group has introduced me to a wide variety of people who are willing and able to carry on the sort of non-aligned but liberal traditions that I respect.”  Tom, Swindon Equality Group
“My motivation …. is the desire to convince people of the extent of the damage our society suffers because of the current wide gap in income and wealth, and to encourage a realisation that the current situation can be improved.” Paul, Equality Bristol
“We have run a number of campaigns and have been successful in influencing changes around pay ratios and the Living Wage. With the backing of The Equality Trust we are seen as a credible organisation that is listened to and respected locally.”  Mary, Equality Bristol
“… in a prosperous city like Cambridge; there is a strong impulse to expose the real afflictions of poverty and inequality amidst the glitzy affluence. The fact that we are a mixed group in terms of age and class profile shows the wide extent to which personal dissatisfaction with the current order of things is felt…. we have ambitious plans to sustain and expand the campaign, and in doing this, we would hope to contribute to The Equality Trust’s valuable work nationally as well as to improve the quality of local life.”  Rick, The Cambridge Commons
“We feel that we have helped to put inequality firmly on the London political agenda. We are now in contact with the Mayor’s office and hope to see some practical policies come out from there. It’s also good to feel part of a wider network. Through the Equality Trust we have met fairness campaigners from all over the country. Finding out that we are not alone and that there are other people all over the country as angry as we are really helps us in London – the UK capital of inequality.”  Alex, My Fair London
“It’s bloody hard work, so successes are particularly valuable. It’s also enabled an entry into a world of local government that we would never have achieved before. It’s been good to have contact with other groups … and we really appreciate the support from The Equality Trust.”  Penny, Oswestry Equality Group
“Our group is vibrant, committed, resourceful, and aware that as a local group with limited funds, we work best when we target our efforts on specific, topical, attention-grabbing projects.  We have excellent, often probing, sometimes heated discussions about current events and their implications for inequality.  Our meetings have often had the function of a way of letting off steam about the direction the world is going.  But they are also always constructive, purposive and collegiate.” Gideon, South Wales Equality Group
“You’ve got to be a passionate person and believe that you can make a difference. I feel I’m educating people about inequality. Despite frustrations I feel I’m achieving something when I talk to people on the stall, even if I change just one person’s view.” Pam, Bromley Income Equality Group
“More than anything, The Equality Trust ignites and fosters the realisation that, even alongside the everyday demands of life and work, we can have a real and meaningful effect on our local area, and as part of a greater nationwide movement for a fairer society.  Our relationship with the Trust has shown us that a great deal can be achieved, not through time or money, but with simply the motivation to make change happen.” Adam, Colchester Equality
“The reason for being a member is simply that we have such institutional and ingrained inequality in Britain and elsewhere today and Equality North West and The Equality Trust provide opportunities to work against such a pernicious situation. I get to spend time working with fundamentally decent human beings who aren’t entirely motivated by their own self-interest and I do it because it makes a difference.”  Various members of Equality North West
Convinced? Please get in contact and we will put you in touch with other active supporters in your area or help you in setting up your own local group.