Join Our Campaign to Tackle Inequality Where You Live

On Saturday 11th July The Equality Trust hosted its largest and liveliest Local Groups Day yet. We welcomed around 30 representatives from 17 groups across the country, from Newport in the west to Cambridge in the east and from Cumbria in the north to Hampshire in the south.

The main theme for the day was our new locally-focused campaign Make My Council Fair which aims to provide practical help to anyone who wants to get their council to bear down on inequality and poverty where they live. We know from all the public events that we take part in that people often find inequality a very large and daunting subject and we often hear the refrain “yes, but what can I do about all this?”. Well, plenty actually, as our wonderful local groups have shown over the years: from getting employers and councils to adopt the Living Wage, to trimming the pay of council chief executives and from convening local fairness commissions to raising awareness among the public by direct engagement. 

With the modern political trend towards localism, councils look set to play an increasingly important part in people’s lives both through their own policies and also via their procurement power over private sector contractors. They also have an important part to play in terms of ambassadorship across the areas they represent, for example in promoting their town, city or county as a Living Wage hub. All of these levers can be pulled by local people campaigning for progressive change and Make My Council Fair aims to help people do just that. 

Although we live in austere times, councils can still do a lot to make people’s lives better. As was pointed out at Local Groups Day, a better paid local population will likely need less recourse to council services. And it’s not all about pay, sometimes it’s about doing the right thing, like having a 20mph speed limit in residential areas, or helping your residents avoid payday lenders in favour of credit unions.

Our existing local groups are doing great work and we want to expand the local group network across the UK so we can have as great an impact as possible. As a result of this campaign we are already seeing an increase in enquiries about joining or starting local groups. If you want to get involved in practical, local campaigning that can improve the life of your family, your community and the UK as a whole, just contact us at and we can help you get started. 

We all have a council, so we can all make a difference!

Bill Kerry, Supporters & Local Groups Manager