Monthly News from The Equality Trust (April 2018)

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This month we launched our Fairness Four campaign for the local elections and received a great response – thank you to everyone who contacted their local incumbents and candidates. Tackling inequality at a local level is a key part of our strategy to reduce inequality in the UK and your help here is vital.

As you can see from our round-up, below, extreme inequality continues to damage the UK and is especially noticeable in relation to housing, homelessness and food poverty. But inequality is not inevitable and with your help we are fighting back. This month our campaign with JustFair for the implementation of the Socio-Economic Duty took a step forward in Wales, thanks partly to a submission from our wonderful affiliated South Wales group. And on the international stage we were hugely proud to take part in this high profile event with The Elders, The Atlantic Fellows and the Fight Inequality Alliance, as part of the #WalkTogether to #FightInequality movement. Watch Wanda speak, alongside other global leaders in the fight against inequality, bringing your voice to a worldwide audience and reaching those who hold the levers of power. Thanks to your support over the last ten years, The Equality Trust has been recognised by The Elders (founded by Nelson Mandela) as being a Spark of Hope at the forefront of the grassroots campaign to tackle inequality in the UK. 

More and more people are being attracted by our message that inequality must be reduced and we are delighted to welcome The Unitarians as our latest affiliate. To have a society where we can all flourish we must reduce the material differences between us, it is not enough to focus on equality of opportunity or social mobility as Dr. Wanda Wyporska pointed out in her recent TEDx Oxford talk. We need greater equality of outcomes and this will be further evidenced by the new book, The Inner Level, from Profs Wilkinson and Pickett due for release on 7th June. It’s an exciting time to be part of the movement to fight inequality. Thank you for your ongoing support and please do keep spreading the word to all your friends, family, colleagues and contacts so we can continue to grow the movement. 
Best wishes, Wanda, Jo & Bill. The Equality Trust Team

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Pick of the Month: Inequality Is Not Inevitable: When We Fight We Win
– Local Elections 2018 – Take Action with the Fairness Four
– Dying for Respect – The Terrible Toll of Inequality on Our Streets
– Monthly News from The Equality Trust (March 2018)

LATEST LOCAL GROUP NEWS – all the April news from the groups including a great response to the call out for local events to promote The Inner Level, the new book from Profs Wilkinson and Pickett due out on 7th June. Just read on to find out more…


Pick of the Month: Living Wage Foundation highlight in-work poverty
– More evidence on the links between inequality and obesity
– Resolution Foundation says millennial housing crisis is UK-wide
– Justlife charity warns homelessness far higher than we think
– ONS/Citi report highlights problem of under-employment
– Right Info provide overview of UK homelessness crisis
– Resolution Foundation says 1/3rd of millennials will never own a home
– Crisis & JRF warn councils struggling to house homeless
– IFS warns Universal Credit will hit free school meals
– IPPR think-tank advocates Citizens Wealth Fund


Pick of the Month: Richest 1% to own 2/3rds of all wealth by 2030
– Pay ratio reporting is coming soon…
– Persimmon disgraces itself over excessive bonus despite apology
– Make Them Count – at least 78 homeless people died over the winter
– Food poverty continues to rise in the UK
– Working class students face poverty
– Religious leaders call for child benefit re-think
– Gender pay gap – men paid more in 80% of UK firms
– Poor pupils filling pockets with food


Pick of the Month: Ten reasons wealth inequality is soaring
– The increasing irrelevance of GDP
– Towards a sustainable wellbeing economy
– There is power in a union – the inspiring work of the IWGB union
– First they come for the furniture – how funding cuts work…
– Working class struggling to get jobs in the cultural sector
– Russia and US are now equally unequal
– Sandi Toksvig on the importance of Adam Smith’s mother
– Customers can rein in Building Society Fat Cats