Monthly News from The Equality Trust (July 2019)

This month we’ve launched a new film featuring the stories of activists across the country, written to the FTSE 100 CEOs to demand urgent action on equal pay, and our local groups have made exciting progress in their areas.

Building the movement

This month Wanda spoke at the Black Votes Matter discussion hosted by the Make Votes Matter Group. The panel explored how the current voting system disadvantages Black and Asian communities, what can be done to improve it, and what proportional representation could do to improve political participation in those communities.

Wanda also spoke at the Stalling Life Expectancy conference, hosted by The British Society for Population Studies, about health inequality and our faltering life expectancy rates. The conference was organised by our brilliant new trustee Dr Fran Darlington-Pollock and also featured Danny Dorling and Dame Karen Dunnell. 

The Equality Trust writes to FTSE 100 CEOs

As part of our #EqualPay50 campaign The Equality Trust has written to the directors of the FTSE 100 companies calling on them to commit to undertake an equal pay audit. 

Data from our report, From Pin Money to Fat Cats: Pay Inequality in the FTSE 100, highlighted the fact that many of the FTSE 100 companies still have a significant gender pay gap. We are hoping to work with those companies to take proactive steps to eradicate the gender pay gap and pay structures that contribute towards a high risk of unlawful, unequal pay.

Find out more about our fair pay campaign.

Fighting inequality in the UK film release

Together with the Fight Inequality Alliance, we have released a short film following the stories of three activists in Teesside, London and Brighton. Each of the activists tell their personal stories and show that by coming together and acting with urgency, a different future can be built from the grassroots up.

Watch the film on YouTube and share it on social media with the hashtag #FightInequality.

Find out more about the Fight Inequality Alliance in the UK and how to get involved.

This year we launched Everyday Inequality, an online platform showcasing the real, diverse stories of what inequality feels like.

If you’re interested in sharing your story – through a blog, vlog, podcast or however you like – contact us (

Visit the website to read and watch the stories so far, and follow the blog to receive updates.

Could you be a trustee?

We’re recruiting new trustees for our Board.

These are important voluntary positions for passionate individuals that want to take a key role in shaping and directing our campaign for greater fairness and equality in the UK and beyond.

Following an earlier round of recruitment, we are now looking for trustees who bring diverse experience and perspectives to our Board and we particularly want to hear from those who are traditionally underrepresented in Boards.


Local council win for Equality North Somerset

This month there is also exciting news from Equality North Somerset who met with the leader of the North Somerset Council and agreed to facilitate a workshop on inequality with its councillors. 

The council is also seeking to work with Equality North Somerset to develop policy around inequality.

Londoners discuss the role of the richest in the climate crisis

My Fair London kicked off a series of evening seminars this month, with the first exploring the role of the “polluter elite” in contributing to climate crisis and preventing progress on climate justice.

Dario Kenner, author of the polluter elite database, spoke about the influence of the elite on climate crisis and participants then explored how inequality and climate activists should work to destabilise them.

See London artist Flora Laney-Hubbard’s sketchnotes or check out our Instagram story for a summary of the conversations.

Edinburgh links up with local theatre to tackle gentrification 

As part of a community theatre production and exhibition of research into gentrification regeneration inspired by the Save Leith Walk campaign for Leith Festival, My Fair Edinburgh published a leaflet on when and how to object within the local planning system.

Launch of the Manchester Meteor 

Equality North West has launched the Manchester Meteor to democratise the media in Manchester. The local network supports independent news, culture and social justice projects.

To find out more, lend your support or get involved here.

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Find your local Equality Trust group or contact our Local Groups Organiser, Emma ( to find out how you can start an Equality Trust group in your area.





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