News from The Equality Trust (June 2022)

Latest news and updates from The Equality Trust

July has seen exciting changes at The Equality Trust alongside much progress in our current research projects and campaigns. 

As always, we are delighted to update you on the ongoing progress as well as providing information on how you can get involved.

Throughout June, we have seen progress in our current research projects and campaigns, and you may have seen our press comments on issues of social mobility and soaring CEO pay.  

We are delighted to update you on the ongoing progress of our research, campaigns and our work at a local level over the past month, as well as providing information on how you can get involved.

#EqualPay50 Campaign

As part of the ongoing promotion of our Achieving Equal Pay in your Workplace toolkit we hosted an online event focusing on how the resource can be used to help tackle unequal pay in the education sector.  

Guest speakers included Vivienne Porritt, the National Leader of WomenEd; Natalie Arnett, Senior Equalities Officer; Kate Atkinson, Head of Advice at NAHT; Claire Ward, Chair of the NASUWT National Equal Opportunities Committee and National Executive Member; and Jo Edge member of UCU’s National Women’s Committee.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear about the equality of pay in leadership, achieving equal pay and parity for women leaders and equal pay case studies, along with other examples of addressing the gender pay gap in schools.

For those unable to attend or who would like to re-watch the webinar, a recording of the event can be viewed here.

CEO Remuneration and Economic Inequality

Throughout June, we attended the AGMs of targeted FTSE-100 companies Ocado, Entain and Whitbread, alongside supporters, asking them to challenge sky-high executive pay. We are continuing a dialogue with Ocado on their very high CEO:median employee pay ratio. 

As AGM season progresses, we are maintaining attendance at AGMs and have continued to demand action on high CEO pay. Our recent open letter with the Trades Union Congress and High Pay Centre, calling on the FTSE-350 companies to take action on unfair executive pay practices, was mentioned by news outlets – as workers and shareholders continue to demand further action to tackle wage inequality amidst the cost-of-living crisis.

The open letter, sets out recommendations for the companies to commit to a new settlement in the workplace that provides a good standard of living for all – you can read the full open letter here.

Socio-Economic Duty in London

Can you help us to tackle inequality by widening our reach in Brent, Newham and Westminster?

To develop our work in London to support councils adopt measures that reduce inequality in London, we are connecting with as many local residents and local community groups as possible in Brent, Newham and Westminster to hear their perspectives on what could be done to tackle inequality. 

Any residents or groups from Brent, Newham or Westminster, please get in touch with Jimi Stanford on Please include the name of your borough and community or local group if you are a member of one.

Local Groups and Activists 

Last month we continued our bi-monthly workshops by co-hosting a session focused on how local councils can play a part in tax justice. 

During the session, we heard from guest speakers; Sara Hall from Tax Justice UK spoke about why we need tax justice and how we might get there. Mary Patel from the Fair Tax Foundation introduced the Councils for Fair Tax campaign, explaining how supporters can get involved. Councillor Martin Pearce outlined how local campaigners encouraged Exeter City Council to adopt the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration and why the council wanted to get on board.

If you are keen to find how you can get involved or see the role you can play at a local level to raise awareness & campaign for change re-watch the workshop here.  

Working with Young People 

This month our Senior Campaigns Officer, Sophi Berridge, will be delivering newly devised lessons on inequality at an Oxford school. Building on our existing schools resources, and drawing from our current Equal Pay and CEO Remuneration campaigns, these resources will enable learners to understand the scale of socio-economic inequality in the UK, alongside the drivers, solutions and actions they can take. 

We will publish and publicise these resources in August. 

We look forward to working with you as always and would love you to get involved in our projects. If you are interested in hearing more about our projects on the Socio-Economic Duty, Equal and Fair Pay and young people and inequality please get in touch!

The Equality Trust Team