Sign Our Petition to Tackle Fat Cat And Poverty Pay

Today, we are launching a petition to call on the Government to introduce mandatory pay ratio reporting in the private sector. The private sector is where we have the largest pay gaps. Too many of our larger companies are paying excessive salaries at the top and poverty pay at the bottom. Currently, FTSE 100 CEOs are taking home around 190 times what the average UK worker makes and nearly 400 times what the lowest paid receive.

You can sign the petition here. Please then share the link as widely as possible with everyone you know, across all your networks.

With pay ratio reporting we will be able to see which companies are paying fair and which are not. This way, public and stakeholder pressure can be brought to bear on those with very unfair pay practices.

We know the Government is already considering pay ratios as part of its review of corporate governance which is great news. By signing this petition you can help keep the pressure on. Together, we need the Government to hold its nerve and introduce proper pay ratio reporting. We mustn’t let them be swayed by siren voices from the defenders of pay inequality and the tired, old “business as usual” brigade.

If you prefer to collect signatures for our petition on paper, you can download the petition here.

Thank you for your support!

The Equality Trust Team