Tackle Inequality & Poverty Where You Live

Today we are launching our new campaign to reduce inequality and poverty across the UK. Under the banner of Make My Council Fair we are calling on people everywhere to lobby their local councils to make concrete and practical changes that will reduce inequality and poverty in their areas.

Everyone has a council, so everyone can make a difference!

People can pursue this campaign individually but we think it will be a lot easier, more effective and more fun if people do it in groups. You can join one of our existing local equality groups here – or you can start one up if there’s no group currently near where you live. Just contact us at info@equalitytrust.org.uk and he will help you get started.

The Equality Trust believes that a growing social movement of people demanding action is necessary to get the reduction in inequality we all want to see in the UK. The politicians and policy-makers are far more likely to move on the issue if there is a large, well informed and vocal body of opinion pressing them to make changes.

Make My Council Fair aims to provide a major impetus to this process. It will show people that change is possible and that they can play a part in this. It will show politicians and policy-makers that inequality can be tackled by providing models for replication as and when councils introduce progressive policies.

So download the pack today and let’s start tackling inequality and poverty where you live. This way we can improve the quality of life for our families, our communities and the UK as a whole.

Bill Kerry, Supporters & Local Groups Manager