The game that lets you play with global economics without the hassle of achieving world domination.

The idea behind ECONOMiCON is to show in a fun, interactive and accessible way how different types of society can make us more selfish, competitive or co-operative.

It’s a game for five or more players and is designed to model different types of real economies, set them against one another and explore how different levels of equality and the financial ground rules of a society like tax affect the way we make decisions. In ECONOMiCON players can try to steal from each other, work alone, co-operate with one another or contribute to the good of the group as a whole. They can gang up on each other, manipulate each other, forge alliances and factions, just like a real economy.

All you need is four other people, a stack of tokens like poker chips or matchsticks, and curiosity about why economies work the way that they do. No world domination necessary.

Download the paper version of the game here.