Today marks the first 100 days of Theresa May as Prime Minister. Our Executive Director, Dr Wanda Wyporska reflects on the Prime Minister’s record to date, and the areas she must focus on over the coming months.

Executive Director of The Equality Trust, Dr Wanda Wyporska, said:

“After 100 days in office, there are some encouraging signs from the Prime Minister, but also some unusual policy proposals that should be reconsidered. The reintroduction of grammar schools for example is misguided. There’s a wealth of evidence that they do not promote social mobility or improve standards, and if anything they exacerbate inequality. It’s a policy that few people want, and it should be quietly dropped. 

“The focus on business governance has been far more promising, and the suggestion of workers sitting on boards, and the publication of pay ratios between bosses and staff are both sensible approaches. We’ve allowed a culture to emerge where executives are seen as talent to be nurtured, and everyone else as a cost to be reduced. These measures will help redress this, improve governance, and narrow the vast gap between executive and employee pay. 

“In Theresa May’s first speech she committed her Government to support the ‘just managing,’ but there is much more she can do to help these people. Our regressive tax system must be tackled, and social security, particularly Universal Credit, must allow people to keep more of the money they earn. Most importantly, the Prime Minister must commit to reduce the UK’s absurd levels of economic inequality, if her Government is to be remembered as one for the many, and not the few.” 

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