The Equality Trust responds to Boris Johnson’s speech outlining the Government’s “levelling up” agenda

Responding to Boris Johnson’s speech outlining the Government’s plans for levelling up, Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director of The Equality Trust said: 

“The Prime Minister’s vow to tackle the entrenched inequalities and divisions exacerbated by the pandemic means nothing, without a tangible plan for action.  As the research demonstrates, in countries with high levels of inequality, we also see high levels of crime, poor mental health, and poor physical health. So we welcome the Prime Minister’s focus on these areas, but call upon him not to waste this opportunity to devise and implement a cross-departmental plan to reduce inequality. Inequality is not inevitable, it is a policy choice.”


Notes to editors

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The Equality Trust is a registered charity that works to improve the quality of life in the UK by reducing economic inequality. UK income inequality is among the highest in the developed world and evidence shows that this results in poorer mental and physical health, higher violent crime, poorer educational outcomes and lower levels of trust. Inequality affects us all.