How to Fight Inequality Author Donates all Royalties to The Equality Trust

The Equality Trust today announced that How to Fight Inequality author Ben Phillips has transferred rights to all author royalties to them in support of their work to dismantle structural inequalities in the UK. This includes rights from sales of all versions of the book, translations and other spinoffs, in perpetuity. In line with the best evidence of impactful donation, there are no conditions or earmarking to the transfer.

How to Fight Inequality, published by Polity Press, is a practical how-to for people who want to help build a more equal society. It reveals how the battle against inequality has been won before, and shares a practical plan for defeating inequality again. It maps a route for overcoming deference, building collective power, and creating a new story. 

The Equality Trust is the UK national charity that campaigns to reduce inequalities, through campaigning, advocacy and supporting a range of local groups and young people to achieve change at a national, local and individual level. 

Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director, The Equality Trust, said:

“We are absolutely delighted that Ben has chosen to donate the royalties from How to Fight Inequality to The Equality Trust. As well as being a seminal and practical text, the book is an essential part of the fight for social justice. We are honoured that Ben has chosen to support our work, but not surprised at his determination to further support the fight against inequality.”

The Equality Trust was launched by Professors Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, at the same time as the publication of international best seller, The Spirit Level over a decade ago. Their book set out why inequality is bad for us all. How to Fight Inequality sets out how we can beat it. 

Ben Phillips, author of How to Fight Inequality, said:

“How to Fight Inequality was written to help all those who want to help bring about a more equal world. I’m delighted to hand over all royalties to The Equality Trust, who embody the values and approach of the book, supporting grassroots organising to build people’s collective power to challenge inequality. 

In my book I highlight the power of joining and strengthening others’ organising; I felt that I had to put my royalties where my loyalties are. I hope that this vote of confidence in The Equality Trust will encourage others to support their brilliant work. I have seen the difference that The Equality Trust makes, and the talent and dedication of their team. At a time when the world has been plunged even deeper into inequality by the Covid crisis, the work of The Equality Trust is more vital than ever. ” 

George Owers, editor of Polity Press, said:

“How to Fight Inequality is a very different type of book – its purpose is not only to help readers understand inequality but to help them beat it. This announcement underscores that difference and shows a further way in which a book can help change society.” 



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