The National Shame of Low Pay

The Resolution Foundation has today published its Low Pay Britain 2016 report. It finds that 21 per cent of full time employees (or 5.7 million individuals) earn below two thirds of the median weekly pay. 

Responding to the report, Executive Director of The Equality Trust, Dr Wanda Wyporska, said:

“Who would believe that in the twenty-first century, we are harking back to the Victorian era, with so many workers earning so little? What’s worse is that many families will be locked into this low pay and poverty by social security changes. Those moving onto Universal Credit will keep barely 25p of every extra pound they earn, making any chance of moving out of poverty impossible.

“The new minimum wage won’t be enough, we need firm action from businesses and politicians to reduce the income gap.  That means more companies committing to a genuine Living Wage, and the Government reverting to a system of Universal Credit that allows people to earn more and progress.” 

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