Pay Inequality Narrows, But More Must Be Done

Today’s Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) publication by the Office for National Statistics has shown a fall in the pay gap between the richest and poorest ten per cent, and a slight narrowing of the gender pay gap. Responding to the publication, Executive Director of The Equality Trust, Dr Wanda Wyporska, said:

“It’s good to see the pay gap narrow slightly between those at the top and ordinary working people, and testament to the important impact the National Living Wage has had. It’s also positive to see the gender pay gap narrow slightly. However, many households are still desperately clinging on. 

“With a new, real, Living Wage announced next week, we need to see more businesses commit to pay their employees enough to at least cover the basics. At the same time, if the Government is serious about building an economy that works for us all, it should further narrow the gap by pausing the dysfunctional Universal Credit rollout.” 

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