Response to the Autumn Statement

Duncan Exley, Director of The Equality Trust said:

“The Government can tinker endlessly with fuel duty, but if it doesn’t reverse the huge diversion of wealth from the bottom and middle to a very small super-rich cabal at the top, then the economy will remain at risk. The government can only ensure a ‘responsible recovery’ by tackling inequality.

A sustainable recovery can only be achieved by decreasing inequality. As President Obama recognised yesterday, high levels of inequality are damaging to the economy and prevent a sustained recovery. A recovery that unequally shares the proceeds of growth is irresponsible. It causes hardship for struggling families and places instability at the heart of the economy. The Government needs to wake up to the growing unrest among voters and introduce policies that are genuinely responsible: policies that make a difference to their lives by reducing the UK’s extraordinarily high level of economic inequality.”