Socio-economic Disadvantage Affects Higher Education Access and Performance

A new report published today by Universities UK has highlighted how socio-economic disadvantage affects access to and performance at higher education for many students from poorer backgrounds.

Commenting on the report, the Equality Trust’s Executive Director, Dr Wanda Wyporska, said:

“For far too many people, being born poor means dying poor. That means talent is wasted, and potential is unfulfilled, which is bad for them and bad for the economy.  This simply isn’t good enough for a modern, wealthy country that wants to see everyone succeed.

“While some parents have the wealth and resources to set their children up for life, others struggle to provide the basics of food and shelter. It’s clear that unequal outcomes today mean unequal opportunities for future generations and a society that continues to have a yawning inequality gap. If we’re serious about improving life chances for children from poorer backgrounds, we need to tackle the devastating gap in incomes and wealth between their parents and those of the well-off.”