Kuan’s Wonderland: A Novel Exploration of Inequality

Kuan’s Wonderland tells the story of a ten-year old boy being snatched from home and taken to a bizarre world, where he is suspected of being an enemy of the state. As hope of escape begins to fade, he tries to adapt to his new life only to discover the true nightmare awaiting him.

This novel provides an alternative medium for exploring the threats to equality & democracy. Suitable for anyone aged 14/15 (KS4/Year 10) upwards, it’s been widely acclaimed as a fantasy adventure & political fable:

“Kuan’s Wonderland is an unmissable page-turner. Henry Tam has created a fantasy universe unlike any that has come before.” (President, the Independent Publishers Guild)

“A great book to open debate and enquiry with young people on society and politics.” (Chief Executive, Young Advisors)

The Resource Guide

You can use the resource guide to find out more about the novel itself and about inequality. There are suggestions for closer exploration, and opportunities for you to submit reviews or devise action plans for tackling inequality, which may then be shared with others via the Equality Trust and Cambridge University’s Forum for Youth Participation & Democracy. If you have not read the novel, please beware of ‘spoilers’.

Download the resource guide here.

How to Get a Copy of the Novel

Kuan’s Wonderland is available to download for just 99p to Kindle, iPad, or any computer device with a free Kindle app from Amazon.

A free pdf version may be supplied on request from info@equalitytrust.org.uk for teachers to use at their schools. The author, Dr. Henry Tam of Cambridge University can also be contacted by teachers to request the book at: hbt21@cam.ac.uk. The printed book is also available for purchase.