Obscene Wealth Simulator

What would you do if you woke up with the resources of the UK’s billionaires at your fingertips?

It’s been said the UK is a poor country with some very rich people in it. This game, released to mark the publication of the 2023 Sunday Times Rich List, celebrates the immense wealth held by a very small number of people.

Use the dark green links to progress and make you expand the side column using the arrow in the upper left to see how much money you have, and to go back or restart the game.

This works much better on a desktop; if you’re on your phone, you may get a better experience by using your browser’s desktop mode.

Why have you made this?

We know that the UK’s inequality is damaging all parts of our economy and society, while creating enormous profit for the richest few. We can only solve our struggling economy and hurt communities by making our society more equal.

We also know that more equal societies work better for everyone – longer, healthier lives; less crime; better education. The Equality Trust campaigns to dismantle structural inequalities and create a fairer society.

The goal of this game is to help people understand just how much money the ultra-rich in our society have. In 2019, we found that the six richest people in the UK then held as much money as 13.2 million of the poorest in our society. Things haven’t improved since.

Billionaire Britain 2022

At the end of last year, we explored billionaires and their rapid, rapid rise in more depth. We found a 1000% increase in billionaire wealth since 1990, and a society that structurally rewards the richest.

Read the full report, and what we recommend the UK does to stop this, here

What can I do about this?

Our society doesn’t have to be like this; this is the product of political choices.