Fight Inequality Alliance UK and Europe


Rising inequality is hurting us all – holding up poverty reduction, harming the environment, damaging the economy, destabilising society, and undermining democracy.

The Fight Inequality Alliance is a global movement that has brought together over 300 groups across borders and organisations in the fight for a more equal world.

The Equality Trust are the convenors of the Fight Inequality Alliance in the UK and Europe, which is coordinated as a diverse coalition of organisations and individuals all working to fight inequality in some form.

What are we striving to achieve?

  • Growing the movement and building a strong, coordinated voice across Europe against rising inequality.
  • Bringing together civil society organisations, trade unions, activists and grassroots groups to deepen people’s collective power and take practical actions that shift power and challenge the status quo.
  • Building international solidarity and action.


The contents of this webpage were developed by The Equality Trust and the Fight Inequality Alliance. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect the positions of all individual members.

Please note that the Fight Inequality Alliance in the UK and Europe is organised as a loose coalition which aims to amplify and strengthen the voice and impact of its membership; there are no formal requirements or minimum participation related to getting involved.