Every year the Sunday Times Rich List is published, ‘celebrating’ extreme wealth. It is a stark reminder of the wealth inequalities present in UK society. Each year, The Equality Trust releases our Wealth Tracker to accompany this, bringing attention to extreme wealth inequality. We believe that the wealthy should pay more tax, and it’s not just us, ask Warren Buffett or Bill Gates and they will agree.

What are we striving to achieve?

The Equality Trust is asking the top 1000 on the Sunday Times Rich List to pledge to pay more tax. We are campaigning to create a culture around paying tax, which views it not as a burden,  but as something to be celebrated. After all, taxes fund our public services. Taxes fund our education system, so that companies can employ educated workers. Taxes fund our NHS, so that the population has health care. Taxes pay for our infrastructure. 

We aim to:  

  • Gain pledges from the top 1000 on the Sunday Times Rich List in the UK to pay more tax.
  • Create a social media movement, #TalkTax, which celebrates tax.
  • Put pressure on the Government to publish a distributional analysis of spending for each budget.
  • Work with MPs, APPGs and civil society organisations to create a tax system which works for everyone.

Get involved?

Please get in touch with Frankie, if you would like to find out more about getting involved in this project.


This work would not have been possible without the donations of our hundreds of supporters, alongside Tudor Trust who support some of our operating costs. Please help us to do more of this work, by becoming a supporter today.