Take Action on Pay Ratios

Will you become a Ratio Requester and help us tackle inequality?  A Ratio Requester is someone who asks an employing organisation to publish their pay ratios on our website so people can compare and contrast ratios and see who pays fair. You can ask any organisation you choose to publish their pay ratios with The Equality Trust. It could be your employer or it could be a company (local or national), a football club or your local council.

Tweet any organisation asking them to submit their pay ratio (just replace the text @organisationtwitter with the Twitter handle of the employer

Tweet any UK football club as part of our #FairFooty campaign

Tweet any FTSE100 company as part of our #FairFTSE campaign

Tweet any UK council as part of our #FairCouncil campaign

Congratulations – you are now a Ratio Requester!

Please go ahead and request more pay ratios and ask others to do so as well – please be sure to follow Twitter’s usage rules when tweeting.

Thank you for your support. Inequality is NOT inevitable. Together we can fix it.

The Equality Trust Team