Watch our latest videos on private financing

Watch our collection of videos featuring experts and activists discussing the dangers of private financing

Don’t Privatise Aid: Health

Antonia Musunga, Coordinator of the Fight Inequality Alliance in Kenya, highlights the dangers of privatising healthcare provision.

Don’t Privatise Aid: Education

Njoki Njehu, Coordinator of the Fight Inequality Alliance in Africa, explains how the privatisation of education has extracted wealth from the global south.

Public-Private Partnerships: For people or profit?

Watch this interactive panel discussion featuring a range of experts to discuss the effects of PPPs on local communities and the implications of the growing use of privatisation as a form of development aid, as promoted by the World Bank and the IMF. Panellists will explore what the effects of privatisation are for inequality and consider what is the alternative to financing essential services and achieving sustainable development.

Speaking to Power festival: #FightInequality Week 2019

Highlights from The Equality Trust’s inaugural Speaking to Power festival on 19th January 2019 at The Playground Theatre, Latimer Road.

We joined more than 30 cities around the world mobilising to highlight the crisis of inequality and to put forward their solutions for a fairer society, as part of the Fight Inequality Alliance Week of Action 2019.