picture of three The Equality Trust manifestos - local national and individual

Our Manifestos For A Fairer Society


The Equality Trust has always sought to suggest inequality reducing policies to all political parties, and we developed our first national manifesto for the general election in December 2019. Following the popularity of this, we developed three separate manifestos – national, local and individual. You can download these below.

What are we striving to achieve?

Our manifestos are evidence based and solutions focused documents that suggest steps local and national governments, as well as individuals, can take to reduce socio-economic inequality. Our aim is to build the capacity of our local groups and individual activists to advocate for policy change that would reduce inequality, as well as provide guidance on how everyone can make decisions that support inequality reduction. 

Keeping informed about our work

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This work would not have been possible without the donations of our hundreds of supporters, alongside Tudor Trust who support some of our operating costs. Please help us to do more of this work by becoming a supporter today.