The Structural Inequalities Alliance aims to develop a consensus on a programme for equitable renewal as the UK emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

Those living in our poorest communities are twice as likely to die from COVID-19. Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are at greater risk, but they are also over-represented in those deprived areas. Women are disproportionately doing unpaid care work and also the lowest paid and overwhelmingly those working in undervalued caring roles. The inequalities in our society are many, they are stark and have now been laid bare by this crisis for all to see. But they are not new. Rather they are the product of structural inequalities in UK society that have worsened over decades.

Such is the reach of the pandemic, that there is recognition across the political spectrum that we simply cannot target a return to ‘normal’. As we move forward we can either further embed those inequalities or we can address them through a programme of renewal, rebuilding both our society and our economy.

Partnership between government, business, academia, policy and the third sector is critical to effect lasting change. Our alliance is calling for a 'new normal' predicated on five principles.

  • shifting the policy focus onto equity of outcome rather than equality: treating people differently in order to level the playing field of opportunity
  • raising the voices and representation of disadvantaged groups: changing the structure of society by changing who gets to design it
  • forming policy upon better data and evidence on the disadvantages faced by different groups
  • adopting a placebased focus that builds from the local out: recognising that challenges vary geographically
  • incorporating intergenerational fairness into policymaking

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